May 8, 2013


Laura and Justin live in the windy city but had their hearts set on a Pittsburgh wedding. When Laura put on some black and gold socks and boogied around the dance floor later in the evening I understood why.

Before black and gold sock dancing and vow exchanging, the day started off with a beautiful morning at the spa. I met Laura and her bridal party there as they sat in the beauticians’ seats with noses suspended over coffee mugs; laughs were plentiful and compliments of Laura’s wedding day beauty even more so. I felt comfortable right away with this gang and immediately got swept up by the overwhelming excitement of the day.

That excitement was just as clear at The Priory in Pittsburgh where Justin was getting ready. As I walked in he pulled up his socks and tightened his bowtie in anticipation for the first look with his bride. It was also the first time I met this awesome guy and immediately could attest to his genuine kindness that his brother would speak of later in the evening. It’s the people that make a wedding great and this day was filled to the brim with them.

After a cozy ceremony we headed to the reception where Laura and Justin did such a fantastic job with the details that I feel the need to point them out to make sure they get some credit. Justin designed the wedding poster that you can see below in the images. It’s seriously awesome. Not only that but they might have had the best dessert spread I have ever seen which was equally delicious (way to go guys!)

Sweet desserts, heartfelt speeches, 90’s rap ballads, and insane dance moves were all part of a great reception and a fantastic evening. Laura and Justin, you are going to make each other extremely happy and I am so glad that you invited me to enjoy the beginning of it all!


Pittsburgh Wedding with photojournalistic photographyPittsburgh Wedding with photojournalistic photographyPittsburgh Wedding with photojournalistic photographyPittsburgh Wedding with photojournalistic photography

Ceremony: Baldwin United Presbyterioan Church

Reception Venue: The Priory

Cake and Sweets by: Bella Christie

Hair: Stonewater Spa

Makeup: Stonewater Spa

Flowers: Jim Blumengarten

Caterer: The Priory

Dress By: W-Too