January 2, 2024


Christina brought all the good vibes, and her laughter was like a contagious happy pill. The day was a mix of elegance and downright hilarity – exactly my kind of wedding as a Pittsburgh photographer.

The highlight? We hit the rooftop for some night shots, and out of nowhere, Christina and Joe kicked off a dance session to the beats of ‘Space Jam.’ The city lights set the stage and itt was a moment of pure, unfiltered joy that summed up the vibe of the day.

Rivers Casino Pittsburgh was the perfect playground for this energetic couple. The venue’s dynamic spaces gave us the canvas to capture everything – from elegant moments to hilarious shenanigans.

As a wedding photographer, these are the gigs that make me love my job. Capturing real, unscripted joy is what it’s all about. Christina and Joe’s wedding at Rivers Casino was a reminder that weddings can be anything but serious – sometimes, it’s the unexpected dance parties that steal the show.

Here’s to Christina and Joe, the life of the party! May your marriage be a series of laughter, love, and spontaneous dance-offs. Cheers!