December 11, 2013


Jennifer and Jesse’s wedding at the Somerset Country Club over Thanksgiving weekend had all of the components of a fairytale/ Hallmark Christmas movie/ultimate romance and was absolutely bursting at the seams with love. Love between Jen and Jesse was abundant and evident in every look, smile, and laugh they exchanged that night. Love for the couple was shared by everyone in attendance; Jen’s family welcomed Jesse with open arms and Jesse’s family happily did the same for Jen. It was an honor to be able to see and experience so much sincerity and good vibes throughout the night.

It started with an intimate ceremony officiated by Jen’s dad. As you can probably imagine, it was a very personal and touching service that brought tears to many witnesses in attendance (not to throw her under the bus, but Abbey definitely cried at one point). It was hard not to be affected by the heartfelt, emotional advice and guidance delivered by a father to his daughter and future son. To top it off, Jen and Jesse exchanged vows they wrote themselves. I love it when couples take the time to put into words what they love about each other and what they want their lives to be,  and I really love seeing the look on their faces when they hear them for the first time.

The romance carried over into the reception and was perfectly captured in the setup and details of the venue. Fully decorated Christmas trees, twinkling lights wrapped around garland, vivid red roses, and adorned chandeliers made up this winter wonderland and created a cozy, romantic ambiance for the night. I know it sounds like a scene from Beauty and the Beast, but no, there was not formal ballroom dancing and everyone had a blast on the dance floor all night long.

Thank you, Jen and Jesse, for sharing your special day with us. We have really enjoyed getting to know you both and think you’re just great!